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A Barely Functional Game-Type Thing, created by The Notorious White Moth for the inaugural GMTK Game Jam.

This game is a simple shooter put together in about 24 hours in Game Maker, use the right and left arrows to shoot.

The theme of the game jam is dual-purpose design. The concept here was a gun moving as if on a conveyor belt, with shooting also changing the direction the gun is moving. Later in development, I added health tanks that, when at full health, add to a hidden experience variable. collect enough health tanks, the enemies get faster and harder to kill, you can shoot faster, and your max health increases.

This was a solo project, made with Game Maker Studio 1.4 on Windows PC (I'd provide a link to the license if I could find it; since I can't, here's a link to the company's site: https://www.yoyogames.com/ ), intended for Windows PC, with moral support (and beta testing) from a friend called Veronica Pauli.

No audio, all the artwork, animation, and coding are my own work.

Published Jul 16, 2017


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